Electrical Stimulation

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Table 8: Treatment Studies Using Electrical Stimulation for Bone Health after SCI


Although there were no randomized controlled trials that assessed the effect of electrical stimulation, Bélanger et al. (2000) produced impressive results with a level 2, non-randomized trial which used 1 limb as the treatment and the other as the control limb.  Following training, the BMD recovered close to 30% of bone loss when compared with able-bodied values.  Stimulation effects only occur over the areas of stimulation and return to baseline within months once stimulation is stopped (Mohr et al. 1997).


  • There is level 2 evidence (from 1 prospective controlled trial) (Bélanger et al. 2000) that electrical stimulation either increased or maintained BMD over the stimulated areas.
  • Electrical stimulation can maintain or increase BMD over the stimulated areas.