Outcome Measures

Common Outcome Measures used in Spinal Cord Injury clinical practice are available for download here:

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The Outcome Measures section:

  • Presents common measures used in SCI clinical practice.
  • Provides information on each measure’s:
    • Clinical utility, and
    • Psychometric properties.
  • Assists clinicians in selecting appropriate measures to:
    • Identify individuals who may benefit from a certain therapy,
    • Monitor progress,
    • Evaluate treatment effectiveness,
    • Help programs improve services.
  • Helps provide clearer evidence that resources expended produce quantifiable benefits to service providers, governments, funders, and the public.
  • Reviews and appraises outcome measures that have had their psychometric properties assessed with SCI populations.
  • How-to info that details everything needed for usage of each measure (selected videos, handy patient forms, measurement instructions and scoring).

To download the pdf version of the full chapter, click here.

To read more about our methodology of reviewing and including the Outcome Measures, click below:

SCIRE Systematic Review Process: Outcome Measures

The Outcome Measures (OM) Toolkit:

33 Measures Recommended for Use in Treating SCI

  • Is a core set of psychometrically validated and recommended measures for use in SCI clinical practice.
  • First of its kind developed for clinicians working in spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  • Developed through a 3-round Delphi process in which 63 stake-holders and experts in the field of SCI rehabilitation (Pan-Canadian sample with representation from physical medicine, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, and psychology) were consulted
  • Contains 33 measures that are recommended for use over various constructs and various contexts in SCI clinical practice.
  • Contains summary information on each measure for clinical use and measurement properties.
  • Contains information for each measure on administration and scoring, or if unavailable, a purchase link from the creators of the measure.