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Project Sponsors

“SCIRE Professional really is the world standard and well established as a primary resource. SCIRE Community is a unique resource in that it is based on research evidence… there are a lot of people providing information but the information is not always related to the research component.”

Dr. Chris McBride, PhD, Executive Director, Spinal Cord Injury BC

“During my time teaching PM&R Residents and PT Grad Students, I routinely recommended the SCIRE Project website and chapters as a credible source of the latest evidence in SCI Medicine and Rehabilitation.”

Dr. Daniel P. Lammertse, MD, SCI Medicine, Craig Hospital

“I recommend that everyone from trainees to experienced SCI professionals review the SCIRE website for the thorough reviews on topics in SCI. I think it is a great project and I have used it myself many times over the years, including referencing these when writing chapters or articles.”

Dr. Steven Kirshblum, MD, Medical Director and Director of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

“The professionalism of the SCIRE videos and the humanity they portray make them easy for clinicians to connect with. They really help clinicians visualize their potential to integrate sexual health in their practice. The SCIRE team has been very generous in sharing their work to enhance efforts to bring content and inspiration to clinicians.”

Marie Carlson, RN, BSN, CRN(C), Sexual Health Nurse, GF Strong

“It is evidence of your leadership, Janice, that you have built such an extraordinary team, at GFS, nationally and internationally. I echo the respect and admiration that the SCIRE Project has earned from the research, care, and consumer community around the world. Thank you for everything you do.”

Penny Clarke-Richardson, MBA, Director, Strategic Implementation, Praxis Institute (Retired)