Incidence, Quality and Significance

Pain is a frequent complication of traumatic spinal cord injury. Reported estimates of the incidence of pain following SCI range anywhere from 11 to 94% (Botterell et al. 1953; Burke 1973; Davidoff et al. 1987a; Davis & Martin 1947; Donovan et al. 1982; Kaplan et al. 1962; Kennedy 1946; Munro 1948, 1950; Nashold & Bullitt 1981) with more recent studies reporting an incidence from 48-94% (Britell & Mariano 1991; Cairns et al. 1996; Cohen et al. 1988; Mariano 1992; Rose et al. 1988).

The following pages discuss in more detail the research on the incidence, quality and significance of pain following SCI.