Elbow Extension

Elbow extension is critical for many activities of daily living and individuals who lack elbow extension due to SCI are significantly functionally impaired (Medina et al. 2017). Everyday tasks such as getting dressed, propelling a wheelchair, transferring between a bed and a chair, and reaching for objects above shoulder level involve elbow extension (Medina et al. 2017). To restore elbow function, the two most common surgical techniques used are deltoidtotriceps and bicepstotriceps transfer (Kuz et al. 1999; Medina et al. 2017). A biceps to triceps transfer can be used to create elbow extension in patients who have active supinator and brachialis muscles (Kuz et al. 1999). The posterior third of the deltoid (PD) can be used to motor the triceps, converting the transferred portion of the deltoid into a twojoint muscle (Moberg 1975).