ADLActivities of Daily Living
AISASIA Impairment Scale
ASBAttachment to Standard Back support
ASIAAmerican Spinal Injury Association
BGBimanual Glider
BMIBody Mass Index
CATotal Contact Area
CCCCustom Contour Cushions
CHARTCraig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique
CJConventional Joystick
COMCenter of Mass
COPCenter of Pressure Displacement
COPMCanadian Occupational Performance Measure
DFLCOPCOP state + position + velocity
DIDispersion Index
DLOPDouble looping over propulsion
FEWFunctional Every day with a Wheelchair
FSAForced Sensing Array
HFHHigh Friction Flexible Handrim
ICFInternational Classification of Functioning Disability and Health
ITIschial Tuberosities
LTSLateral Trunk Supports
MMTManual Muscle Testing
MWCUManual Wheelchair User Group
NMWCUNon-Manual Wheelchair User Group
OTOccupational Therapists
PAPAWPushrim-Activated Power-Assisted Wheelchairs
PIADSPsychosocial Impact of Assistive Devices Scale
POpeak Peak Power Output
PPIPeak Pressure Index
PRTPressure Relieving Tilt
PWCPower Wheelchair
QUESTQuebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with Assistive Technology
ROMRange of Motion
RPERatings of Perceived Exertion
RSBReplacement of Standard Back support
RSESRosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
SASeat Anterior
SBStandard Back support
SCISpinal Cord Injury
SCIMSpinal Cord Independence Measure III
SLOPSingle looping over propulsion
SPSeat Posterior
SUHStandardized Uncoated Handrim
SWCStandard Wheelchair
TcPCO2 Transcutaneous Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide
TCPO2Transcutaneous Partial Pressure of Oxygen
UWCUltralight Wheelchair
VASVisual Analog Scale
VO2 Oxygen Uptake
VO2peak Peak Oxygen Uptake
WhOMWheelchair Outcome Measure
WO-BPSPartially removed ischial support and lumbar support