Nerve Transfers

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Recently, the literature is publishing information regarding the surgical procedure of nerve transfers which is evolving as an alternative procedure compared to tendon transfers for improving the functional ability of the hand and upper limb post SCI (Keith & Peljovich 2012). A nerve transfer involves the repair of distal denervated nerve element by using a proximal foreign nerve as the donor of neurons and their axons to re-innervate the distal targets (Addas & Midha 2009; Brown et al. 2012; Midha 2004). The transfer involves sacrificing the function of a lesser valued donor nerve to revive function in the recipient nerve and muscles, which is considered functionally more critical than the donor nerve (Senjaya & Midha 2013).

Senjaya and Midha (2013) and Midha (2004) described and listed the fundamental principles, advantages and potential drawbacks of nerve transfers when compared to tendon transfers in a review article and they are summarized in the following;