Case Report: Nutrient Supplement to Augment Walking Distance

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The potential benefits of a nutrient supplement ingested after fatiguing ambulation on gait parameters over a 2-week period were described by Nash et al. (2007). Participants were randomized to receive either a blended drink containing whey protein and carbohydrate or a placebo control consisting of soy protein in the first 2 weeks of training. Following a 2-week washout period, participants returned to receive the other supplement. After 2-weeks of ingesting the whey protein and carbohydrate supplement post-exercise, participants were able to walk longer and farther than if they ingested the placebo control. Whey protein and carbohydrate supplements are commonly used to facilitate recovery following intense exercise in the able-bodied population. This is the first report to demonstrate the potential benefits of such nutrient supplementation in the SCI population.

Table 22: Nutrient Supplement to Augment Walking Distance