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ACE            angiotensin I-converting enzyme

AD               autonomic dysreflexia

AIS              ASIA Impairment Scale

AUA            American Urological Association

BND            bladder neck disorder

BoNT-A       botulinum toxin A

BP               blood pressure

DBP            diastolic blood pressure

DESD          detrusor external sphincter dyssynergia

DVT            deep vein thrombus

ECG            electrocardiogram

FES             functional electrical stimulation

HR              heart rate

IEMG          integrated electromyography

IIQ-7            Incontinence Impact Questionnaire

IU                international unit (measurement unit of drugs)

IV                intravenous

MAP            mean arterial pressure

MCC           mean cystometric capacity

M/F             male/female

NBD            neurogenic bowel disorder

Para            paraplegic

PDE5          phosphodiesterase type 5

QoL             quality of life

RCT            randomized controlled trial

RTX            resiniferatoxin

SBP            systolic blood pressure

SCI              spinal cord injury

Tetra           tetraplegic

TURS          transurethral sphincterotomy

UDI-6          Urogenital Distress Inventory

UUT            upper urinary tract

UTI              urinary tract infection