Prevalence of Anxiety Post-SCI

Prevalence rates of anxiety among those with SCI vary due to differing definitions and outcome measures utilized. Additionally, outcome measures may inflate prevalence estimates due to overlap of somatic symptoms related to secondary complications experienced by those with SCI including blood pressure, motor weakness, and respiratory function (Julian 2011). However, some use of self-report measures to estimate prevalence may lead to underreporting due to socially desirable responding by individuals (Hunt et al. 2003). A meta-analysis found that 27% of individuals reported clinically significant symptoms of anxiety (Le & Dorstyn 2016). Anxiety estimates were found to be similar among hospital and community samples (27 versus 29%) (Le & Dorstyn 2016). Longitudinal studies demonstrate levels do not diminish over time of up to 2 years post injury (Craig et al. 1994).