Medical grade honey is derived from a single plant species from New Zealand and is processed consistently for effectiveness (e.g., high osmotic potential and low pH), sterilized by gamma irradiation to destroy inadvertent bacterial agents. It is of relatively low cost.


Biglari et al. (2012) included Medihoney® as a component of a comprehensive, conservative and surgical wound-care program within a German SCI trauma and rehabilitation centre. In total, 20 individuals with SCI with chronic pressure injuries produced bacteria free wound swabs after one week of once daily Medihoney® treatment. Before the Medihoney® treatment, the wound was cleaned with sterile Ringer’s solution and the surrounding skin was disinfected with Octenisept® or Octeniderm®. Ninety percent of these patients’ wounds completely healed with soft and elastic scars after four weeks of treatment as documented by photography, measurement and cultures. No adverse events, allergies, or blood sugar impact in diabetic patients resulted from Medihoney® treatment. This observational cohort study, suggests that Medihoney® is highly effective in persistent, severe, pressure injury management in individuals with SCI. Additional study is required to elucidate optimal treatment parameters and long-term effects of Medihoney® treatment for the full spectrum of pressure injuries.


There is level 4 evidence (from one pre-post study: Biglari et al. 2012) that supports the use of Medihoney® for improved healing rate as well as residual soft, elastic scars in persistent stage III and IV pressure injuries in individuals with SCI.

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