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AROArnebia Root Oil
CRFSOCured Rot and Flat Sore Ointment
ESElectrical Stimulation
FESFunctional Electrical Stimulation
HVESHigh Voltage Electrical Stimulation
HVPCHigh Voltage Pulsed Current
ITIschial Tuberosities
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
NMESNeuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
NPIAPNational Pressure Injury Advisory Panel
PIPressure Injury
PRPPlatelet-Rich Plasma
PUSHPressure Ulcer Scale for Healing
RCTRandomized Controlled Trial
rHuEPORecombinant Human Erythoropoietin
SCISpinal Cord Injury
SSASpecialized Seating Assessment
TNPTopical Negative Pressure
UTIUrinary Tract Infection
UVCUltraviolet C
WSAWound Surface Area