Comparative Economic Studies

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Review of Study Methods:

A table with the full checklist results of all studies is presented in the Appendix. Where subgroups were used to provide estimates for the analysis, these groups were pre-specified. Incremental costs and effects were calculated for all studies. Statistical analyses or sensitivity analyses were conducted to address uncertainty. A total of 5 of the 6 studies used estimates from the best available sources. In 5 studies, cost estimation methods were clearly described. Health outcome measures used were considered reliable or otherwise justified in 5 studies. The conclusions of 5 studies were congruent to the study results. The methods for abstracting the data were explained in 4 studies. In 4 studies, authors noted the funding source of their study. A total of 4 studies had a time horizon that included all relevant outcomes and was discounted beyond a year. The justification for the economic model used, main assumptions and limitations were also stated in 4 studies. The structure of the economic model, methods and analysis and numerator and denominator components were clearly presented in 3 studies. In 2 studies, the perspective was stated and justified. The impact of potential biases was only discussed in a single study. Also for 1 study, justification for the measures used for the primary outcome was reported.