New and Jackson (2010) evaluated the 2004 cost of hospitalizations after SCI in Victoria, Australia using administrative data. Gross costs were measured as mean and median per episode costs and were stratified by initial hospitalizations and subsequent hospitalizations. The data was also stratified for traumatic and non-traumatic SCI. Results are presented in Table 2 and 3.

Gabbe and colleagues also calculated the cost of initial hospitalization as a result of SCI in Victoria, Australia. The cost of acute hospitalization per admission in the first 2 years post SCI are presented stratified by the secondary condition reported during the hospitalization. The mean cost of initial hospitalization for the study cohort is $33,716 ($33,169 standard deviation), median of $22,483 ($11,531-$43,149 interquartile range). Acute hospitalization and ED costs per admission or visit were also reported stratified by location and severity of SCI. Results are presented in Table 4 and Table 5.

The cost of initial hospitalization for SCI for individuals above and below the age of 65 was also examined by Mitchell and colleagues in a New South Wales cohort (Mitchell et al. 2018).