Myelography Enhanced Computed Tomography

Myelography-enhanced computed tomography (CT-myelography) of the spinal cord is a significant improvement over plain CT in the diagnosis of syringomyelia. Images from plain CT are considered unreliable due to imaging distortions of the surrounding bone (Klekamp & Samii 2002). CT-myelography is able to show swelling and fixation of the cord and localized CSF flow obstruction (Dworkin & Staas 1985; Klekamp & Samii 2002). As water soluble contrast accumulates in the cyst, CT-myelography can show the syrinx itself (Aubin et al. 1981). However, 10-50% of syrinxes may still be missed using this tool; therefore, MRI remains the diagnostic tool of choice (Brodbelt & Stoodley 2003).