Cellular Therapies

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Cellular therapy is a relatively new treatment option, which contributes to significant advancements in technology and genetic research (Vaquero, Hassan, Fernandez, Rodriguez & Zurita, 2017). Cell transplantation with mesenchymal stromal cells via injection into the site of the syrinx shows potential in the future treatment of syringomyelia without surgery (Vaquero et al. 2017).

Table 5: Cellular Therapies


To our knowledge, only one study has examined the use of cellular therapies for the treatment of syringomyelia. Vaquero et al. (2018) had a small patient sample of six, however they were able to observe strong improvements in spinal cord function at three and six months post-injection. Unfortunately, in terms of outcomes measuring bladder and bowel dysfunction no significant differences were reported. More studies are required on the use of cellular therapy as a potential non-surgical treatment for syringomyelia before any substantial conclusions can be drawn.


There is level 4 evidence (from one pre-post study; Vaquero et al., 2018a) that mesenchymal stromal cell therapy may be effective in improving spinal cord function post-SCI.

  • Further research is needed to determine the potential benefits of cellular therapy for the treatment of syringomyelia.