Sexual Health

Mrs. L.V. expressed concerns to her primary nurse and to the resident on the SCI service that she was worried how a spinal cord injury affects her sexual function (including the reproductive system). Mrs. L.V. told her nurse and the resident that she hoped to be able to have sexual intercourse with her husband and perhaps conceive a child. Mrs. L.V. reported that she knew of another lady who had a spinal cord injury that had a baby after her injury.

Mrs. L.V. also expressed concern over the number of urinary tract (UTI) and yeast infections since her injury. Mrs. L.V. reported that every time she has an infection, her spasticity increases and she generally does feel well for a few days. Additionally, Mrs. L.V. is concerned about her yearly checkups and exams. When hearing that the yearly exams are completed by her family physician, she stated that she would never be able to transfer up onto the exam table in the doctor’s office.