Box and Block Test (BBT)


A measure of manual dexterity that requires repeatedly moving 1-inch blocks from one side of a box to another in 60 seconds. Commonly used in the stroke [...]

Box and Block Test (BBT)2022-07-25T13:10:37-07:00

Capabilities of Upper Extremity Instrument (CUE)


 measures functional limitation and assesses the amount of difficulty experienced in performing specific actions with one or both arms and hands in individuals with tetraplegia. Questions focus on [...]

Capabilities of Upper Extremity Instrument (CUE)2024-01-23T16:02:15-08:00

Clinical Outcome Variables Scale (COVS)


Tool Description Measure of mobility that has been applied to specific diagnostic groups such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, amputations, and musculoskeletal injuries in a variety of settings [...]

Clinical Outcome Variables Scale (COVS)2022-07-15T11:36:43-07:00

Functional Standing Test (FST)


Assesses an individual’s ability to perform one handed reaching tasks while standing. Consists of 21 tasks which involve performing both gross and fine motor skills; crossing midline; and [...]

Functional Standing Test (FST)2022-07-25T14:19:13-07:00

Grasp and Release Test (GRT)


Designed to assess hand neuro-prosthesis in individuals with C5-C6 SCIs, but has also been used to assess hand function prior to and following tendon transfers in people with [...]

Grasp and Release Test (GRT)2022-07-25T14:28:10-07:00

Hand-Held Myometer


a portable device used as a quantitative method of muscle contraction (primarily for upper limb). Testing is performed using one of two techniques, 1) make or 2) break. [...]

Hand-Held Myometer2022-07-25T14:38:15-07:00

Jebsen Hand Function Test (JHFT)


Developed to provide a standardized and objective evaluation of fine and gross motor hand function using simulated activities of daily living. Items to be performed on both the [...]

Jebsen Hand Function Test (JHFT)2022-07-25T14:42:08-07:00

Modified Functional Reach Test (mFRT)


The FRT was originally designed as a simple reach test designed to assess standing balance. This modified version is designed to assess sitting balance in individuals with SCI [...]

Modified Functional Reach Test (mFRT)2022-07-25T14:46:18-07:00

Quadriplegia Index of Function (QIF)


Developed in 1980 to provide a functional assessment that would be useful in documenting the small but clinically significant gains made by quadriplegics throughout in-patient rehabilitation. Assesses 10 [...]

Quadriplegia Index of Function (QIF)2022-07-22T11:43:06-07:00
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