Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (ESES)


The SCI Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (ESES) is a scale developed to measure a person with SCI's beliefs or confidence that they can perform various physical activities and exercisen [...]

Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (ESES)2022-05-26T14:49:14-07:00

Moorong Self-Efficacy Scale (MSES)


Developed to measure self-efficacy in performing functional activities of daily living in individuals with SCI. Consists of two factors: daily activities (e.g. I can maintain my personal hygiene [...]

Moorong Self-Efficacy Scale (MSES)2022-05-26T15:10:50-07:00

Spinal Cord Ability Ruler (SCAR)


The Spinal Cord Ability Ruler provides clinician-administered interval scale to measure volitional performance after SCI. The SCAR uses a combination of existent spinal cord injury measures and is [...]

Spinal Cord Ability Ruler (SCAR)2022-05-26T15:25:45-07:00

Spinal Cord Injury Secondary Conditions Scale (SCI-SCS)


Specifically targets secondary conditions associated with SCI that directly and indirectly impact health and physical functioning. Items were selected based on 3 criteria: That they represent conditions that [...]

Spinal Cord Injury Secondary Conditions Scale (SCI-SCS)2022-05-27T10:23:04-07:00

Wheelchair User’s Shoulder Pain Index (WUSPI)


The Wheelchair User’s Shoulder Pain Index (WUSPI) is a simple and effective self-report questionnaire for quickly measuring the functional cost of shoulder pain in wheelchair users. The WUSPI [...]

Wheelchair User’s Shoulder Pain Index (WUSPI)2022-05-27T10:37:00-07:00

Wingate Anaerobic Testing (WAnT)


Method of assessing muscle power. Involves a 30 second maximal effort trial on a leg or arm ergometer. First validated in able-bodied individuals to use as a predictor [...]

Wingate Anaerobic Testing (WAnT)2022-05-27T17:24:05-07:00
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