Wheelchair Circuit (WC)


Assesses manual wheelchair mobility (i.e., skill and performance). Tasks cover 3 aspects of mobility: 1) Tempo (tasks = figure-of-8 shape and sprint) 2) Technical skill (tasks = crossing [...]

Wheelchair Circuit (WC)2022-07-26T11:28:28-07:00

Wheelchair Outcome Measure (WhOM)


The WhOM is a semi-structured interview/assessment focused on participation outcomes as identified by the participants. In Part I, participants identify their participation outcome goals (i.e. specific things [...]

Wheelchair Outcome Measure (WhOM)2022-07-26T11:57:42-07:00

Wheelchair Skills Test (WST, WST-Q)


Used to objectively evaluate manual wheelchair skills and safety. There are 5 versions, including manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and scooters, for both wheelchair users and caregivers (excepting scooters). [...]

Wheelchair Skills Test (WST, WST-Q)2022-07-26T12:38:53-07:00
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