Health Behaviour Questionnaire (HBQ)


The HBQ is used to describe the health behaviours of persons with SCI and the relationships between health behaviour, injury characteristics, and health related variables. The HBQ assesses [...]

Health Behaviour Questionnaire (HBQ)2022-07-18T14:55:39-07:00

Health Utilities Index-Mark III (HUI-Mark III)


The Health Utilities Index-Mark III scale measures quality of life in 8 domains: Vision Hearing Speech Ambulation Dexterity Emotion Cognition Pain The index is scaled from 0 (completely [...]

Health Utilities Index-Mark III (HUI-Mark III)2022-07-18T15:38:16-07:00

Incontinence Quality of Life Questionnaire (I-QOL)


The I-QOL measures the effect of urinary incontinence on quality of life. The I-QOL is divided into 3 subscales: Avoidance and limiting behavior (ALB) Psychosocial impact (PSI) Social [...]

Incontinence Quality of Life Questionnaire (I-QOL)2022-07-18T15:41:15-07:00

Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (LISAT-9, LISAT-11)


Originally developed as a checklist rather than a measure of life satisfaction (Fugl-Maeyer et al. 1991). Target important life domains: vocational, financial and leisure situations, contacts with friends, [...]

Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (LISAT-9, LISAT-11)2022-07-18T15:43:45-07:00

Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction Score (NBD)


The NBD is a self-report questionnaire designed to help healthcare professionals evaluate the effectiveness of their patient’s current bowel management routine by assessing the impact it has on [...]

Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction Score (NBD)2024-02-08T14:25:06-08:00

Quality of Life Index (QLI) – SCI Version


Designed to measure subjective quality of life in terms of satisfaction within different life domains. Originates from Flanagan’s perception of life satisfaction (Flanagan JC, 1982, “Measurement of quality [...]

Quality of Life Index (QLI) – SCI Version2022-07-19T09:28:27-07:00



Developed as a condition-specific quality of life measure for individuals with SCI who have urinary disorders that could be used in international multi-centre trials. Developed by a multi-disciplinary [...]


Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS, Deiner Scale)


Designed to address the concept of life satisfaction as a whole rather than to assess satisfaction with sub-dimensions of life (Diener et al. 1985). Conceptually, the SWLS measures [...]

Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS, Deiner Scale)2022-07-19T09:46:42-07:00
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