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Work-Related Incidents

There were 17 papers reporting on SCI due to work-related accidents (table 12). Fifteen papers used admission data from one or multiple hospitals; one paper used data from a SCI registry. Studies on SCI due to work-related accidents came from Europe (N=4), Oceania (N=3), North America (N=4), Asia (N=4), South America (N=1) and Africa (N=1).

Proportions of SCI due to work-related injuries ranged from a low of 0.8% in Tinajin, China (Ning et al. 2011) to a high of 26.8% in Israel (Catz et al. 2002). Seven studies reported specific types of work leading to SCI with industrial work such as mining, forestry, farming as most frequent (Dixon et al. 1993; Tator et al. 1993; Stavrev et al. 1994; Igun et al. 1999; O’Connor 2001; Singh et al. 2003, McCammon and Ethans 2011). There was one paper reporting on SCIs specifically due to work- related accidents in Chile (Correa et al. 2011). The average annual incidence was 7.8 per million workers in Chile from 1986 to 2005. The 2005 prevalence rate was 112 cases per million workers. The most frequently affected ages ranged from 25 to 34 years. Cause of SCIs in the Chilean workplace included falls, being struck by objects, and MVCs (Correa et al. 2011).

Table 12: Work-related Incidents