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There were 21 papers reporting on SCI as a result of self-harm (table 11). The majority of the studies used admission data (N=13 studies) from one or multiple hospitals; one study used an SCI-specific registry, and another used a national health database (Wu et al. 2011). Eight studies were conducted in Europe; five studies were from each of North America and Asia, and one from Oceania.

Proportions of SCI caused by self-harm ranged from a low of 0.4% in Manitoba, Canada (McCammon and Ethans 2011) to a high of 25.9% in Greenland (Pedersen et al. 1989). Thirteen studies reported SCI due to self-harm in the range of 0.4% to 4.5%. In addition to Greenland, two other countries reported relatively higher proportions of self-harm as SCI cause: Finland with 10% (Dahlberg et al. 2005) and Israel with 13.6% (Catz et al. 2002). All three countries with high proportions of SCI due to self-harm also reported high frequencies of suicide.

Table 11: Self-Harm