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There were 48 papers reporting SCI due to “other causes” (table 14). In some studies, this may have included the specific causes discussed above, miscellaneous causes not mentioned earlier or unique causes of SCI. The majority of studies were from Europe (N=16 studies) with some representation from North America (N=13 studies), Asia (N=12 studies), Africa (N=3 studies) and Oceania (N=4 studies). Eighteen of these studies reported SCI due to being struck by an object.

Proportions of SCI due to “other causes” ranged from a low of 0.2% in Tianjin, China (Ning et al. 2011) to a high of 16.3% in Beijing, China (Li et al. 2011). The reported frequency of the majority of papers were between 5.3% and 11.0% (N = 16 studies). Proportions of SCI due to “struck by object” ranged from 2.0% in New Zealand (Dixon et al. 1993) to 18.6% in Beijing, China (Li et al. 2011). The majority of papers reported frequencies between 2% and 5% (N=9).

Table 14: Other