At 14 months post injury, Mr. RB met with a general surgeon to discuss a colostomy for treatment of his persistent neurogenic bowel complications.
Q14. What is a colostomy and what is the evidence that supports this procedure?
1. A colostomy is a surgical procedure which connects part of the colon to the abdominal wall leaving an opening outside the abdominal wall for feces to exit.
2. A colostomy is a safe and effective treatment for severe, chronic gastrointestinal problems and perianal pressure ulcers in persons with SCI, and greatly improves their quality of life.
For more information, please see: Colostomy.


Figure 10.A colostomy creates an opening on the abdomen (stoma) for the drainage of feces from the large intestine. Colostomies are usually performed after the diseased colon has been removed. The proximal end of the healthy colon is then brought out to the skin of the abdominal wall, where it is sutured in place. An adhesive drainage bag is placed around the opening. The abdominal incision is then closed. From Medical Illustration© 2010 Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.