Intensity, Dose, Duration

TIDiers #8: “When and How Much: Describe the number of times the intervention was delivered and over what period of time including the number of sessions, their schedule, and their duration, intensity or dose.”

The reporting of the intensity, dose, and duration of the interventions varied across studies. As such, only the total numbers of the intervention sessions across the SM programs are summarized here. Thirty-one (24.6%) studies did not report or specify the total number of the program sessions included (Table 5). Eight (6.3%) SM programs, mainly online-based, provided participants with unlimited access to the intervention services/materials during the intervention period. For the remaining programs, each SM program had, on average, 10.6 sessions in total, and the median total number of sessions included in a program was 8 sessions. More than half (n=49; 56.3%) included 1 to 9 sessions; 26 (20.6%) programs consisted of 10 to 19 sessions, and 12 (9.5%) programs offered between 20 and 49 sessions.

Total Sessions Citation Number of Studies
1-9 2,12-14,19,20,22,25,28,29,31-36,49-51,62,63,67,68,73,76-79,81-84,91,92,98-102,109,110,122-124,126,127,130,131,133 49
10-19 18,21,23,24,26,27,37-39,48,52,64,71,72,74,75,85,86,93,103,104,116-118,121,128 26
20-49 15,40,53,54,87,94,105,108,111,119,129,132 12
Unlimited 47,60,61,96,97,107,115,134 8
Not Reported 3,16,17,30,41-46,55-59,65,66,69,70,80,88-90,95,106,112-114,120,125,135 31