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25(OH)-D        hydroxyvitamin D

AB                   able-bodied

AIS                  ASIA Impairment Scale

AN                   anemia

BCM                body cell mass

BEE                 basal energy expenditure

BMC                bone mineral content

BMD                bone mineral density

BMI                  body mass index

CAC                coronary artery calcium

CHD                coronary heart disease

CRP                C-reactive proteins

CTT                 colorectal transit time

CSA                 cross-sectional area

DBP                 diastolic blood pressure

DPA                 dual photon absorptiometry

DXA / DEXA    dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry

ECM                extra-cellular mass

ECW                extra-cellular water

FBG                 fasting blood glucose

FEV1               forced expiratory volume in 1 second

FFM                 fat-free mass

FIM                  functional independence measure

FM                   fat mass

FVC                 forced vital capacity

GITT                gastrointestinal transit time

HA                   hypoalbuminemia

HDL                 high density lipoprotein

hGH                 human growth hormone

IGF-1               insulin-like growth factor 1

LBM                 lean body mass

LDL                 low density lipoprotein

LH                   luteinizing hormone

MRI                 magnetic resonance imaging

MSK                musculoskeletal

OGTT              oral glucose tolerance test

PH                   plasma homocysteine

PL                    plasma leptin

pQCT              peripheral quantitative computed tomography

PSA                 prostate specific antigen

PTH                 parathyroid hormone

REE                 resting energy expenditure

SBP                 systolic blood pressure

SDB                 sleep disordered breathing

sEMG              surface electromyography

SHBG              sex hormone binding globulin

SmC                somatomedin C

SMR                standardized mortality ratio

SRP                 self reported health

T3                    triiodothyronine

T4                    thyroxin

TBK                 total body potassium

TBM                total bone mass

TBW                total body water

TC                   total cholesterol

TG                   triglycerides

US                   ultrasound

UTI                  urinary tract infection

QoL                 quality of life

YPI                  years post-injury