Sexual Behaviour Scale (SBS)

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Tool Description

  • Measures the sexual expressions used by couples. Items cover touching, kissing, stimulation of genital and other erogenous zones, and sexual intercourse.

ICF Domain:

Body Function – Subcategory: Functions of the Reproductive System

Number of Items:


Brief Instructions for Administration & Scoring


  • Self-report instrument.
  • The time taken to complete the SB is less than 5 minutes.

Equipment: None.


  • Items are summed resulting in a composite score that ranges from a maximum value of 49 to a minimum value of 7.


MCID: not established in SCI
SEM: not established in SCI
MDC: not established in SCI

  • There are no definitions or classifications, cut point or norms for the SCI population provided to assist with interpreting the scores.
  • No descriptions of scores are given, other than the higher the score the better.
  • Published data for the SCI population are available for comparison (see the Interpretability section of the Study Details sheet).



Training Required:

No special training is required.


Unable to locate this scale for use at this time.

Clinical Considerations

  • The SB allows a couple to gain insight into the type and degree of sexual expression they experience together. The information obtained from this tool might be useful in assisting couples with issues related to sexual intimacy.
  • There is limited information found on the SB thus further study is required before recommending this tool for clinical use.

Measurement Property Summary

# of studies reporting psychometric properties: 3


  • Internal consistency of the SB Scale is High (Cronbach’s a=0.96).

[Kreuter et al. 1994a, Kreuter et al. 1994b]


  • Persons with SCI scored significantly lower on the SB scale than the control group (P<.001).

[Kreuter et al. 1996]


No values were reported for the responsiveness of the SB scale for the SCI population.

Floor/ceiling effect:

No values were reported for the presence of floor/ceiling effects in the SB scale for the SCI population.


Dr. Janice Eng, Christie Chan

Date Last Updated:

Mar 16, 2017

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Unable to locate the scale at this time.





Equipment Needed

Sexual Behavior Scale:

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