Upper Limb Summary Table 16 Reconstructive Surgery Elbow Extension Studies (Biceps to Triceps Transfer)




Main Outcome(s)

Kozin et al. 2010

40 patients
36 left; 32 right elbow surgeries
Biceps to Triceps +ve elbow extension strength
+ve reaching overhead
Improvement in one goal on COPM for each patient
Statistically significant improvement in performance and satisfaction scores on COPM

Mulcahey et al. 2003

9 patients
16 elbows
Biceps to Triceps
Posterior Deltoid to Triceps
+ve elbow extension from either surgery
+ve improvement in ADL skill (both surgeries)
+ve antigravity strength (biceps to triceps > posterior deltoid to triceps)

Kuz et al. 1999

3 patients
4 elbows
Biceps to Triceps +ve elbow extension
+ve functional improvements through ability to place the hand in space
+ve satisfaction with surgery

+ positive outcome; = no difference; – negative outcome