Table 24 Summary of Gabapentin Studies for Reducing Spasticity

Author Year

Research Design

Total Sample Size

Methods Outcome

Gruenthal et al. 1997





Population: Injury etiology: SCI=28; Chronicity: sub-acute- chronic.

Intervention: 11-day washout between 2 day gabapentin (400 mg total in 3 divided doses) or placebo with evaluations prior to, on second day within 5 hr of last dose and after washout for each treatment.

Outcome Measures: U/LE Ashworth Scale (AS), 6 point Likert ratings of spasticity, Muscle stretch reflexes, Presence or absence of ankle/wrist clonus, Reflex withdrawal to noxious stimuli in finger and foot.

1.     Gabapentin resulted in an 11% reduction in the median AS (z=2.011, p=0.044) and a 20% reduction in the median Likert Scale score (z=3.214, p=0.013) when compared to placebo.

2.     Other measures did not yield significant differences.

3.     No treatment order effect.

4.     No significant changes in any measure seen when placebo compared to baseline.

5.     No Adverse Events.