Respiratory Management Table 4 Other Pharmaceuticals

Author Year; Country
Research Design
Total Sample Size



Li et al. 2012;



Randomized clinical trial


Population:N=61 subjects with acute C-SCI (AIS A and B) randomly divided into 2 groups: high-dose ambroxol group (n=27) and control group (n=34).

High-dose ambroxol: 17M 10F; mean(SD) age: 56.1(11.2).

Control group: 23M 11F; mean(SD) age: 53.0(13.6).

Treatment:Treatment group received intravenous ambroxol at 990 mg/day for 5 consecutive days after operation; the control group did not receive any treatment.

Outcome measures: oxygenation index, pulmonary complications.

  1. The group treated with high-dose ambroxol showed a lower rate of postoperative pneumonia and hypoxemia within 5 days after operation.
  2. On the 3rd and 5th days, the oxygenation index in the high-dose ambroxol group (291.02(34.96) and 301.28(37.69)) was significantly higher than in the control group (230.08(26.25) and 253.82(26.26)) with significant differences between the two groups.