Pressure Ulcers Table 21 Topical Oxygen for Treatment of Pressure Ulcers Post SCI

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Banks & Ho 2008

Population: Mean age=61 yr; Gender: males; Level of injury: C7, T12, T10; Severity of injury: AIS A.
Treatment: SCI patients with stage IV pressure ulcers in their pelvic region were treated with EpiFLO device (extracts oxygen from air, concentrates to near 100% and delivers oxygen via cannula to saturate wound) daily during rehabilitation.
Outcome Measures: Wounds linear measure and volume.

  1. First patient linearly had 49% improvement 9 wk post treatment; pre-treatment the patient's wound measured 20.5cm linearly and volume was 252cm3, while 9 wk later, the linear measure reduced to 10.2cm linearly with a volume of 24 cm3.
  2. The second patient's wound reduced from 10.5 cm linearly to 5.5cm after 5 wk treatment and volume decreased from 30cm3 to 4 cm3, linearly this was a 48% improvement from baseline.
  3. The last patient's wound decreased by 31% from baseline after 5 wk treatment.