NMES Post-SCI Pain

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Chen et al. 2018




Population: NMES+carbamazepine group: Mean age=41.8±12.6 yr; Gender: males=25, females=2; Time since injury=31.2±11.5 mo; Level of injury: C=12, T=13, L=2; Severity of injury: AIS A=16, B=3, C=5, D=3; Type of pain=neuropathic.

Carbamazepine group: Mean age=43.5±13.7 yr; Gender: males=23, females=4; Time since injury=29.7±10.8 mo; Level of injury: C=14, T=10, L=3; Severity of injury: AIS A=18, B=2, C=3, D=4; Type of pain=neuropathic.

Intervention: Participants were assigned to either an NMES + carbamazepine group or a carbamazepine only group for 3 mo of treatment with outcomes measures at baseline and post-intervention.

Outcome Measures: Pain intensity numerical rating scale (NRS), quality of life (QOL) sort form 36 (SF-36) scale, and adverse events.

*Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), neuropathic pain (NPP)

1.     No significant difference in NRS for NPP or the QOL in SF-36 in the NMES group (p>0.05).

2.     No serious adverse events in either group.