Cured Rot and Flat Sore Ointment CRFSO

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Liu et al. 2013
Case Control

Population: Median age: 59.1 yr; Gender: male=19, female= 16; Level of injury: paraplegic=10; Wound status: grade IV ulcer= 35.
Intervention: Patients underwent 28 days of arnebia root oil (ARO) or Chinese herbal formula (CRFSO) treatment after undergoing surgery.
Outcome Measures: Therapeutic effect (healing, effective, improved, no response) and therapeutic duration of treatment. 

  1. Statistically significant difference (p<0.005) between the two groups (follow-up occurred after 28 days of treatment).
  2. No patients had adverse reaction during treatment.
  3. Healed: 17 out of 20 patients in the CRFSO group.
  4. Healed: 2/11 patients in ARO group.
  5. Effective: 2/20 patients in CRFSO group.
  6. Effective: 3/11 patients in ARO group.
  7. Improved: 1/11 ulcers in ARO group.
  8. Therapeutic duration of treatment with CRFSO averaged 19.47 days.
  9. Therapeutic duration of treatment with ARO averaged 29.18 days.