Bowel Management Table 4: Dietary Fibre for Managing Neurogenic Bowel after a Spinal Cord Injury

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Cameron et al. 1996; Australia

Case Series


Population: Age: range 19-53yrs; Level of injury: C4-T12; 1 subject with incomplete injury and 10 with complete injuries; 7 subjects with tetraplegia and 4 with paraplegia. All participants were in their first rehabilitation program 1-4 months after injury.

Treatment: In phase 1 (week 1), subjects ate a normal hospital diet and maintained their bowel routine. In phase 2 (week 2-4), fibre intake was increased with the addition of 40g Kellogg’s All Bran.

Outcome Measures: stool weight, total and segmental transit time, bowel evacuation time and dietary intake.

  1. Following the addition of bran, dietary fibre intake significantly increased from 25g/d to 31g/d.
  2. Mean colonic transit time significantly lengthened from 28.2 hours to 42.2 hours