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AD                  autonomic dysreflexia

AE                  assistive equipment

ARI                 acute respiratory infection

BPI                 Brief Pain Inventory

CPG               clinical practice guideline

CPHE             Comprehensive Preventative Health Evaluation

COPD            chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder

CVD               cardiovascular disease

ED                  emergency department

EM                 emergency medicine

FD                  family doctor

FFS                fee for service

FIM                Functional Independence Measure

GP                 general practitioner

HCQ               Health Care Questionnaire

HR                 hazard ratio

PCP               primary care physician

PHQ-9            Patient Health Questionnaire-9

PM                 prescription medications

PM&R            physical medicine and rehabilitation

PR                  physical rehabilitation

PSHCPS        Patient Satisfaction with Health Care Provider Scale

MCO              managed care organization

MI                   mental illness

MPQ              McGill Pain Questionnaire

MRI                magnetic resonance imaging

NTSCI            non-traumatic SCI

OB/GYN         obstetrician gynecologist

RIO                Rurality Index of Ontario

SC                  specialist care

SCIM              Spinal Cord Independence Measure

SF                  short form

SIS                 spinal injury specialist

TBI                 traumatic brain injury

TSCI              traumatic spinal cord injury

VA                  veteran affairs

VO2                peak oxygen uptake

YPI                 years post-injury