Case 6: Mr. RB

We would like to graciously acknowledge Karen Ethans, MD FRCPC for her contribution to the development of this case study.

Mr. RB is a 70-year-old retired university economics professor. Prior to his SCI he lived independently in a wheelchair accessible apartment style condominium, had a grown child who lived across the country, and exercised at the local gym every weekday morning at 6:00am. This fit gentleman of 180 lbs, 5’9” with no other significant co-morbidities was involved in a hit and run collision while walking to the gym early one morning, and two weeks post injury was admitted to a spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit. He was examined on day 14 post injury. He was out of spinal shock and described as having an AIS C T12 level spinal cord injury. A new member of the clinical team is uncertain what this means and therefore the team decides to do a refresher in service on the American Spinal Injury Association(ASIA) International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury used to assess the patient. Figure 1 and 2 shows his presenting condition and figure 3 a completed ASIA assessment.

Figure 1. Mr. RB’s presenting condition

Figure 2. Location of spinal cord injury

Figure 3. Mr. RB’s completed ASIA assessment