Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Men post SCI

As part of the discussion around sexual functioning following SCI this young man wants to know what treatments are available to treat any sexual dysfunction.

For each of the elements of male sexual dysfunction, what are the available treatments or therapies?
1. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i), intracavernosal (penile injectable) medications (ICI), vacuum tumescence devices and penile rings, penile prostheses, and perineal training can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.
2. Electroejaculation (figure 9), vibrostimulation (figure 10) and surgical aspiration can be used to treat ejaculation dysfunction and retrieve sperm. 

Figure 9.The Seager Electroejaculation Stimulation Equipment and Rectal Probes (Distributor: NeuroControl Corporation, 8333 Rockside Road, 1st floor, Valley View, Ohio 44125–6104.)

Figure 10.The rectal probe should be held against the bowel wall making firm contact with the prostate. Antegrade emission is encouraged by external massage along the pathway of the urethra.