Patient Education

While in hospital, Mr. LM was an inpatient on a 30 bed spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit. His team consisted of a physiatrist, family physician/ hospitalist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, dietician, pharmacist, psychologist, recreational therapist and nurses. Each team member held group and individual education sessions for patients and families on the unit. Mr. LM, his parents, and girlfriend were invited to be involved in these sessions.
What does the typical SCI patient education program look like?
1. Educational programming in inpatient rehabilitation consists of informal counseling and one-on-one interactions accompanied by a formal series of seminar-style presentations by health care professionals or peers, often accompanied by printed material (e.g., handbook, manual).
What evidence is there for patient education programs for individuals with SCI?
1. General educational programs may increase knowledge about the specific topics they address within both the rehabilitation and community setting.

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