Peer Mentorship

Mr. LM lives in a town with a population of 50,000. Though he keeps in touch with his rehabilitation hospital roommates, he has no friends or acquaintances living with spinal cord injuries. Mr. LM frequently searches the internet to find answers to personal questions relating to fertility or sexual function, because he is embarrassed to discuss these issues with his caregivers or family. Mr. LM’s parents mention this to you, and you ask Mr. LM if he has considered peer-mentorship. What is the evidence for peer-management?
What is peer mentorship?
1. A peer mentor is an individual who has successfully overcome a similar challenge as the consumer, and provides input as the mentee progresses through his or her own experience.
What is the evidence for peer mentorship in individuals with SCI?
1. Community reintegration and adjustment following an SCI is difficult even in the presence of social and healthcare professional support.
2. Peer mentorship may benefit both the mentor and mentee in terms of adjustment, knowledge acquisition, and QOL following an SCI.