Caregiver Burden

What issues and concerns do family caregivers have post SCI?
1. Family caregivers report decreased choice, control and productivity and being ill-prepared for treatment and discharge of the SCI family member. They report challenges in dealing with the insurance system and feel themselves to be a forgotten group.
2. Family caregivers report greater stress and burden post-injury.
What is predictive of caregiver burden in family?
1. ADL support provided, psychological problems of the person with the SCI, age and gender of the family caregiver, level of functioning of the person with the SCI, and the length of time since injury are predictive of burden in family members.
What is predictive of adjustment to caregiver burden in family members?
1. Social support is predictive of adjustment in the family member while type and duration of SCI, socio-econonic status, or occupation of spouse are not.