Treatment Options

Mr. A.H. has been home from the rehabilitation facility for three months. He is spending many hours a day in his wheelchair and his coccyx has reopened and is not healing. Mr. A.H.’s wife contacts the rehabilitation outpatient department to book an appointment with the physiatrist to review options for treating his persistent pressure sore.
Q21. List the methods available for treating pressure ulcers in persons with SCI.
1.    Adjustments in up time.
2.    Changes to wheelchair cushion.
3.    Nutritional assessment and correction of nutritional deficiencies.
4.    Assessment and treatment of potential factors contributing to non-healing (e.g. thyroid disease, hypotestosterone, smoking cessation etc.).
5.    Electrical stimulation.
6.    Laser treatment.
7.    Ultrasound / ultraviolet light.
8.    Non-Thermal Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy.
9.    Topical Negative Pressure Therapy.
10.  Normothermic Dressing.
11.  Recombinant Human Erythropoietin.
12.  Anabolic Steroid Agents.
13.  Specific Dressings.
14.  Maggot Therapy
For more information please see: Treatments for Pressure Ulcers Post SCI