With his history of pressure sores, Mr. A.H. is now being followed regularly by the Wound Clinic at the rehabilitation facility. His coccyx wound is slowly healing. Mr. A.H. has a community nurse come to his home daily for dressing changes. The wound nurse at the rehabilitation facility has been providing information to the community nurses about Mr. A.H.’s dressing applications.
Q28. What is the evidence associated with specific dressings to treat pressure ulcers following SCI?
1. There is Level 1 evidence from a single RCT that completion of healing for stage I and II pressure ulcers is greater with an occlusive hydrocolloid dressing compared to phenytoin cream or simple dressing post SCI (see figure 7).
2. There is Level 2 evidence from a single, small RCT that occlusive hydrogel-type dressings heal more pressure ulcers than conservative treatment post SCI.
3. There is level 1 evidence that topical phenytoin shows a trend towards healing of stage I and II pressure ulcers post SCI.
For more information please see: Specific Dressings to Treat Pressure Ulcers


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