Pressure-Redistribution Techniques

Q7. What is the evidence associated with Pressure-Relief Techniques in preventing pressure ulcers?
1. 65° of tilt or forward leaning of >45° both showed significant reduction in pressure (See figure 7a for tilt system). 65% tilt is not available on any wheelchairs, check this one out with OT.
2. The type and duration of pressure redistribution by position changing must be individualized post SCI using pressure mapping or similar techniques (See figure 7b for Pressure relief technique).
3. More research is needed to see if decreasing ischial pressures and/or increasing blood flow to tissues using weight shifting techniques will help prevent pressure ulcers post SCI.
4. For most individuals with SCI, a pushup/vertical lift of 15-30 seconds is unlikely to be sufficient to allow for complete pressure relief.
5. SCIRE found level 3 evidence that 1-2 minutes of pressure relief must be sustained to raise tissue oxygen to unloaded levels and level 4 evidence to support position changes to reduce pressure at the ischial sites and that forward flexion is an effective method of pressure relief.
For more information, please see: Pressure Relief Practices.

Figure 7a: Tilt System.

Figure 7b: Pressure Relief. technique Source: Copyright © 2010 by University of Washington/MSKTC.