Differentiating Post-SCI Pain

Identify musculoskeletal pain, central neurogenic pain, and borderzone or segmental pain?
1. Musculoskeletal or mechanical pain occurs at or above the level of the lesion and is due to changes in bone, tendons or joints.
2. Central neurogenic pain is a type of neuropathic pain. It is a common type of pain most often experienced below the level of SCI and is generally characterized as a burning, aching and/or tingling sensation.
3. Persons with borderzone or segmental pain experience a band of pain and hyperalgesia at the border zone between diminished or abnormal and preserved sensation. This is classified as “at level” neuropathic pain according to the IASP classification system.

For more information please see:  Musculoskeletal or Mechanical Pain,Central or Neurogenic Dysesthetic Painand Borderzone or Segmental Pain.