Mortality and Life Expectancy

Mr. Rajah’s lawyer discusses with him that estate planning, potential legal action, and determination of future care costs will take into account the patient’s estimated life expectancy. Mr. Rajah’s lawyer mentions that Mr. Rajah’s life expectancy is lower than another man of his age, because of the spinal cord injury. Mr. Rajah visits your office, sad that he was told he will likely suffer a premature death. It is important that you counsel Mr. Rajah, and comment on life expectancy in the medico-legal report you are preparing.
Describe the impact of a SCI on life expectancy?
1. Life-expectancy for males with SCI is likely lower than the general male population.
2. Causes of death post-SCI are now similar to those in the general population.

For more information please see: Mortality and Life Expectancy in Individuals with SCI.