Community Active Living

Mr. Rajah’s only child, 35-year-old Monica, lives nearby and is a strong support to Mr. Rajah. She notes that he had been independent and physically active prior to the injury, and had been driving, enjoyed running, and accessed the community to participate in exercise classes at the YMCA and the community temple (which is not wheelchair accessible).

Monica is concerned that Mr. Rajah, even though smart and motivated, will have trouble independently accessing paratransit, an exercise program for the physically disabled, and temple social events. How is Monica best counseled? Is it true that patients with physical disabilities are less likely to actively participate in their surrounding community?

What is the evidence for rates of community active living?
1. Physical activity participation rates are substantially lower than in the general population and it has been estimated that 50% of people with SCI participate in no physical activity whatsoever compared with about 35% of Canadians without a disability.