Robotic Exoskeletons - now live!

Robotic exoskeletons are a new technology being utilized in the rehabilitation of individuals with #SCI. Learn about the treatment in our newest article release below! http://scireproject.com/community/topic/robotic-exoskeletons/… Read more

In our newest article, "Sleep Disordered Breathing", we ask the questions: What is it? Why does it occur? What factors influence it? Find the answers to this common condition after #SCI, here: https://scireproject.com/community/topic/sleep-disordered-breathing/ Read more

People in Our Community

We are pleased to share with you the first article in a series we call "People in Our Community", where we chat with a person with lived experience or a professional in the field of spinal cord injury about an important topic. In this first article, "Resilience Has No Bounds: Sherry's Journey as a Mother... Read more

Stem Cells and SCI is now live!

Our newest article is here! Stem cells have been a hot topic for some time, with researchers continuing to discover potential uses. See what the evidence has to say about stem cells in SCI: http://scireproject.com/community/topic/stem-cells/   Read more

Wheelchair Propulsion Assist Devices - now live!

Propulsion assist devices are pieces of equipment that can facilitate the use of manual wheelchairs. Today, SCIRE releases its newest article on Wheelchair Propulsion Assist Devices! See it here: http://scireproject.com/community/topic/propulsion-assist-devices/ Read more
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