Injuries to the spinal cord have been classified as either traumatic in cause (e.g., motor vehicle accidents, falls, violent incidences, sports-related) or non-traumatic (e.g., tumors, spinal stenosis, vascular).  Traumatic SCI accounts for the larger proportion of SCI injuries, however, the exact proportion compared to non-traumatic SCI is difficult to ascertain because reporting of non-traumatic SCI has been inconsistent.  Epidemiological studies have reported that the percent of traumatic SCI to overall SCI injury range from 81% in Canada (Hitzig et al. 2008), 75% in Germany (Exner and Meinecke 1997), 61% in the United States (McKinley et al. 1999a) and 48% in the Netherlands (Schonherr et al. 1996).