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Terazosin is a long-acting, alpha-1adrenoceptor selective blocking agent.  Selective alpha 1 blockade has been suggested as a good pharmacological choice in the management of AD because of its dual effect at the bladder level (inhibition of urinary sphincter and relaxation of the smooth muscles of blood vessels).

Table 17: Terazosin


Regular doses of Terazosin over weeks or months were evaluated in three level 4 experimental studies (n=57) (Vaidyanathan et al. 1998; Swierzewski et al. 1994; Chancellor et al. 1994) in which it appears to be effective in preventing AD without erectile function impairment.  Patients reported moderate to excellent improvement (Chancellor et al. 1994) or even complete termination of the dysreflexic symptoms (Vaidyanathan et al. 1998) during a 3-month period of Terazosin administration.


  • There is limited evidence for the use of Terazosin as an agent for control of AD in SCI individuals.